• Doni Ahmad
  • Designer
  • Clalita Tyfanny
  • Endira F. Julianda

This book is a collection of stories about crypto art as told from the perspective and journey of BASQKEK and three of his collectors. Each story is a very personal journey for each of them, but considering our interconnectedness in this digital age, it might not be so different from our own experience of cyberspace with its memes and social platforms. Readers will be presented with a story of how Basqkek came to the NFT and the Journey of Pepe the Frog. These stories would help us understand how crypto art is not an entirely new phenomena but a continuation of previous cultural products. The artworks presented in this book were made by BASQKEK and some of them are from the collections courtesy of @SundayFunday, @Adventurous, and @Mightbonesy.

Artworks © The Artists and Contributors. All contents © Yayasan Rodha Among Karsa (Rakarsa). Developed by Gustar Brata.