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Rodha Among Karsa is an arts and culture non-profit organization based in Bandung focusing on connecting through arts. Established in 2018, Rakarsa seeks to expand arts as the common ground for various individuals, backgrounds, and skills to meet and collaborate in forms of exhibitions, gatherings, cultural exchanges, and educational activities. Our values are inclusion, conversation, education, and education.

The foundation was initially found to support an experiment of a cooperative economic system for the local contemporary art ecosystem in Bandung, 2018. As things slew down during the Covid-19 pandemic, the cooperative has undergone a careful assessment while the foundation reformulates its strategic means. In 2020, the foundation started working towards the vision of a solid interdisciplinary network, establishing sustainable collaborations to contribute to artistic, social, and ecological improvements. We are currently working on shaping our mode of arts and culture actors' relations, as well as future collaborations with collectives and civil initiatives of various disciplines.


TERAS SINEAS is a moving images screening and discussion platform for students and young filmmakers.

SANGGAR SENI RUPA KONTEMPORER is an informal art learning and experimenting platform for students and art enthusiasts.

KOTATON is a learning and collaboration platform for a multi/transdisciplinary approach in identifying and exploring speculations for the future of urban issues.

interest & expertise

Visual art, craft & design, cultural studies, multi/transdiscplinary collaboration, informal art learning

scope & activities

Art project management, exhibition, residency, research, workshop, gathering/talk, publishing, cultural exchange, film screening

members & volunteers

Executive Director

Vincent Rumahloine

Program Director

Endira F. Julianda

Administrative Director

Yori Papilaya

Development Team

Arsya Ardiansyah

Clarissa Tifanny

Gustar Brata

Nuri Fatimah

Volunteers & Interns

Citra S. Santoso

Clalita Tyfanny

Kelvin Pranata

Rd. Reihan M.

Zyfra Hatikva

supporters, partners & collaborators

Artworks © The Artists and Contributors. All contents © Yayasan Rodha Among Karsa (Rakarsa). Developed by Gustar Brata.