‘Menjadi Global, Menjejak Lokal’ with Bienal Jogja

  • February 2022
  • Gelanggang Olah Rasa
  • Alia Swastika
  • Ardo Ardhana
  • Gorivana Ageza

The Equator series of Biennale Jogja has been running for 10 years, with a focus on contributing to the discourse of art in the southern hemisphere and exploring how the specific history and culture of equatorial countries become part of global richness. As part of the closing series of the Equator round I, fundamental ideas and concepts that emerged during the Biennale Jogja are revisited in various presentation forms. On this occasion, the Biennale Jogja is present to engage with artists, designers, filmmakers, and cultural activists in Bandung to discuss how local initiatives can become global.

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