Bandung-Pforzheim Residency Exchange

  • Sep-Oct 2023
  • Rakarsa Haus
  • Citepus River Branch
  • Goethe-Institute Bandung
  • Franziska Lyon
  • Justus Lietzke
  • Johanna Heilig
  • Kosmas Dinh
  • Shelvira Alyya Putri Anjani
  • Nanda Maulana
  • Mang Dian

This September, we are welcoming Pforzheim-based design collective 4E (Franziska Lyon, Justus Lietzke, Johanna Heilig, Kosmas Dinh) to join us in Bandung. 4E will collaborate with Bandung young filmmakers Shelvira Alyya Putri Anjani, Nanda Maulana, and environmental activist Mang Dian to work on a project addressing the river situation in Bandung.

In this project, both organizations aim to encourage Bandung-Pforzheim art and design school fresh graduates to discuss and act on their future role in society. They will be able to use this opportunity to re-articulate artistic and design practice to reflect their zeitgeist as well as responding the change in society. What can be solved together? How can their expertise contribute to society? How can they imagine and foster a sustainable cross-border collaboration?

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