Belajar Bersama Sanggar: Luzi Gross

  • april 2023
  • Rakarsa Haus
  • Goethe-Institute Bandung
  • Axel Ridzky
  • Clarissa Tiffany
  • Debora Violin Grace
  • Dimas Budiman
  • Fahadpa Alfaj
  • Fatih Jagad raya
  • Fitriani
  • Nicole Jasmine
  • Rifa Annisa
  • Samuel Leonardi Naibaho
  • Sekararum Winihastuti
  • Shelvira Alyya
  • Tresna Ayu

Belajar Bersama Sanggar introduces experts and art professionals to work together with aspiring art practitioners to broaden their understanding of various art practices. With Luzi Gross, Belajar Bersama Sanggar invites students and recent graduates from various disciplines to get to know ‘art mediation, share their artistic approaches and discuss ways to access, showcase, and mediate these approaches. This project resulted in workshops and a work-in-progress presentation ‘Sudut yang Berbeda’ at Goethe-Institut Bandung.
Gross works as an independent curator based in Munich, cultural producer and art mediator in the field of contemporary arts. Her curatorial work engages with collective, socially engaged and research based artistic practices. She is particularly interested in how art (spaces) can be made accessible to different uses and audiences by various formats such as artistic research, workshops, performances and other activities. In collaboration with Goethe-Institut Bandung.

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