Y.X(G) Residency Exhibition

  • March 2022
  • Lawang Wangi Creative Space
  • Agung Yandistira
  • Annisa Bena Amadea
  • Kevin Aditya
  • Muhamad Gerly
  • Salman Pangestu
  • Shafa Inayah
  • Wanti Amelia

The Y.X(G) exhibition is a part of Cek Ombak, a contemporary art residency program as a response to the impact of Covid-19 on fresh graduates and autodidact artists in planning their careers. The exhibition title is Y.X(G), or “ya kali, nggak?”, an ambiguous expression selected by the Cek Ombak participants, summing up an attitude in facing their future in the art world. Y.X(G) invites us to discern the artworks as milestones of a compromise between self and the world, self valuation and re-articulation; all that ignite a leap of faith for a young artist.

Funded by the International Relief Fund for Organisations in Culture and Education 2021 of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and other partners: www.goethe.de/relieffund

Artworks © The Artists and Contributors. All contents © Yayasan Rodha Among Karsa (Rakarsa). Developed by Gustar Brata.